Are you done with your list???

In true fashion, I haven't even begun tackling my shopping list! If you're looking for that special, one of a kind gift for your mom, sister, best friend or even yourself, check out the site! I've posted a few more items that I've designed! There's still time to order before Christmas arrives!


Something ORANGE has taken over me!

I'm having fun with my hobby, but as you can see, I can go days, weeks and even months without inspiration. I call it life! I woke up early and had no motivation to hit the gym, instead, something ORANGE took over me! Enjoy the new earrings with an orange theme!


Holiday Shopping Ideas

As a wife and mom of three kiddos, my life's been pretty busy! Trying to juggle family, work, chores, volunteering at my kids school and now golf hasn't given me much time to make new pieces. But, with the holiday season fast approaching and friends asking me for new gift ideas, I've decided to post pictures of at least 5 new pieces a week. So far, I've added 2 new necklaces. Enjoy!


I'm on About.com!

Since, I'm relative new to jewelry design, I surf the internet to see what's out there. I stumbled upon an article on the About.com website titled "Favorite Necklace Design". I read the various stories that readers had shared and I thought, "Hmm, I can do that!" So, I submitted my favorite piece and guess what! I'm on the About.com website! Here is the link! I'm so surprised!! Enjoy!



Summer's Arrived!

Living in Southern California is awesome! The weather's beautiful, the days are longer and with school almost out, we all can't wait for summer to begin! Fortunately with the longer days, I'll have more time to design new pieces! I can't wait! View the site to see if there are any pieces that you can use for a beach day with the kids, a night on the town with that special someone or something that will compliment that perfect outfit when your on vacation! And remember to be safe and pass my site on to your friends!

Thanks! Joy


Mother's Days is around the corner!

You still have time to find something special for that special "Mom" in your life! With the coming of Spring, there's the time change, rainy weather, more outdoor activities when the weather is warm and lots of time with the kids! That being said, I've had less free time to design some new pieces. I'm hoping to change that just weeks before Mother's Day! I'll be rolling out as many new pieces as I can, so check out the photos and see what's still available!


Spring is here!

It's been awhile since my last blog and March is almost over! I was lucky enough to sell 2 gorgeous pieces during my daughter's Hoike (Hula recital)! The weather has been gorgeous that past few weeks and I've spent most of my time enjoying it with the children that I haven't had a chance to create new pieces. I hope to have new designs for next month, until then...may your days be filled with the sounds of love and laughter!